The pain of realisation

Posted on 29/07/2010


You know when the pain grips you. Realization is a tricky phenomenon. It may seem like it has dawned on you. In all probability it will grip you several times over a long drawn period, maybe because you are forcing it to. It misleads you momentarily, until your experience enters the scene, warning you- this was merely its trailer, yet, more shadows of the real deal come your way, until it strikes. But,when it strikes, its lethal blow- to your assumptions, to your understanding, to your perception, to your flawed inferences, to your intellect, and worst of all, to your intuition. Do you trust yourself anymore? Only one of two things can happen now, but the degree of which depends on its intensity. Either you will retreat into shell of your own, a hollow one at that, blocking the world around you or become more receptive to the world around you. In other words, reinforcing your belief in society as such, or absolutely demolishing it. As long as your newly embraced attitude falls within a decent range, you should consider yourself lucky as extreme manifestations of either of the two varieties are bound to be self-destructive. They say life goes on, it was merely put on hold while you stumbled. Experiences are gained. You will struggle to find a balance between your self-belief, society’s belief in you and your belief in society. Now, right now, take a minute, pause consciously, gauge at the situation, detached, you will find a beauty in the transitions you have made, and are about to make. Won’t you appreciate the beauty of the pain? It’s grip will loosen.

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