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It’s not a damn favor!!

August 27, 2010


Indifferent already, To the boundaries, long blurred. Get past the wretched formality, Egos have long been shattered. Do me a favor? Stop playing chase. Stop drowning in numbness. At least, skim sensation. Polish the brusqueness Reflecting in our attitudes. Do me a favor? Stop pretending things are fine. There’s nothing to lose in this Sadistic […]

Sliding Spaces..

August 26, 2010


A quiet nook we crave for For silent contemplation in In isolation, for soul searching Searching for unfulfilled dreams Dreams far reaching, unrestricted these These created by ourselves Ourselves however we should shun Shun thereby the vanity sliding by By sliding spaces, from ourselves. Block the influences creeping Creeping into creativity thus Thus shaped by […]

A Graph.

August 23, 2010


Jiving jumbled thoughts Showcasing many a future in snapshots In an idle mind, they swerve Variety versus free time: a bell curve. At midpoint, ideas pump up adrenaline Pressure builds, at either extreme, much to our chagrin! At the curve’s apex: Complacence- the dying clock reflects. Under the garb of contemplation, Ego boosts, one too […]


August 21, 2010


Too black for optimists, too white for pessimists. My outlook. Falters, and re surges rejuvenated, Enticed by the middle path of Buddhists. Still, amidst the bedlam, looks blotted. Lured by the idea of uniqueness, like this very poem, Lead by external reassurance. A paradox, threatening a perfect theorem, Rooted in the infallibility of society’s presence. […]

Persistent questions..

August 19, 2010


Of the people who come, who bypass, Who stay, and those who leave for good, I wonder where? Of a toss between a conscience, their expectations A rationale, a heart, I wonder how? Of the times that remain stagnant, that fleet by, That stick for ever, and those that get buried somewhere, I wonder when? […]

Inviting Trouble.

August 16, 2010


I’m just too tired Of this wearing itch To free myself of deep rooted flaws Of not addressing the soreness born in me Fed by my assessment, of what is. I’m just too lost In this maze, a concoction of my mind Too petrified to venture my way back And be disillusioned By the superficiality, […]

Need of the hour..

August 15, 2010


One would run out of words In describing this vast land of Bharata’s An arduous task to live up to their standards In the absence of a stifling colonial hourglass An often crippling collective conscience For sixty three years we have shamelessly banked on Can no longer take the plea of nascency An improvement from […]