Posted on 01/08/2010


She’s standing at the edge of the cliff, caught between the known and the unknown. Ironically, the known seems less familiar, more daunting. Her reflection less blurry, even amongst the ripples, than her past. Moments are crystal clear, but the reasons behind them are tangled. Tangled in a lattice of guilt, ridiculous desires, doubts, pain, and neglect. She strains herself to answer the why. The why of those decisions and actions that swerved the direction in which her life was heading. Now, that things had come to a halt, directions are meaningless. Its only motion which demands decisions.

Powerless and static, she now feels more alive than ever. As her silhouette changes with the rising sun, her outlook is changing. With no choices to make, she feels free. Free to live, to be one with nature and to sense things wholly. She feels a hand touching her shoulder.

The touch is unassuming, yet firm, something which spoke about how they went back a long way, or so it seemed. Even in the first few days of their acquaintance, they felt like they had lived moments of their lives together. As they shared reality in unison, a future together seemed just as blissful. Their eyes, their talk, their touch made them lightheaded, with passion, dreams and freedom.The very same raw emotion she felt now.

Today, are their dreams as clear as they were?

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