It is what it is.

Posted on 01/08/2010


You say things you don’t mean to,
You convey feelings you don’t feel,
Because you cannot bear to see the pain in his face,
Because you don’t want him to change,
From the person etched in your memories,
From the one who lured you.

Yet you have to accept the reality,
Yet you must feel the pain alone,
To see him, hear him, feel him as he was,
To guard those moments,
Which defined you, uplifted you, changed you,
Which found you, found him.

But left without telling,
But left you not asking for more,
As they were more than ideal,
As they were more than you deserved,
Still, these memories don’t suffice,
Still, greed goads humans.

Who is to say what is fair?
Who is to decide what is wrong?
If one feels strongly enough to act,
If one goes against oneself to act,
Why should my wishes take over?
Why should I be a hindrance?

To what seems like a match made in heaven,
To what is reality meant to be embraced,
I might not get lost in his eyes,
I might not be as impulsive as I was,
Now, I can be more sensitive and more me,
Now, I can bear the pain.