Kaleidoscopic View..

Posted on 12/08/2010


There are times when life takes you by surprise. Then, there are those times when you take yourself by surprise. Both of these sets do overlap considerably, but the space I’m currently talking about is the latter. These elusive moments are the ones that change your way of thinking. It’s not the why of your unpredictable action, but the effect of the changes that ensue, which matter. Any fundamental change in an individual’s perception, however minute, has a continual ripple effect, highlighting aspects of your personality, you didn’t even know existed and suppressing what you thought formed you. In a nutshell, your own outwardly acts trigger an inward change in what you considered to be “me”.  In either case, your prior perception of yourself remains a mere shadow of your current self. Here’s where the challenge lies- to form a clear image of this modified self, more so, when several of these changes occur within a short span of time. When some of these changes are resisted due to various reasons, this image blurs further. It’s kind of like seeing yourself through a kaleidoscope, the multiplicity, the gaze, veers you away from clarity. Which of these reflections is you?  Ever thought about it? More intriguingly, is this choice yours or, is your image calling the shots?

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