A Graph.

Posted on 23/08/2010


Jiving jumbled thoughts
Showcasing many a future in snapshots
In an idle mind, they swerve
Variety versus free time: a bell curve.
At midpoint, ideas pump up adrenaline
Pressure builds, at either extreme, much to our chagrin!

At the curve’s apex:
Complacence- the dying clock reflects.
Under the garb of contemplation,
Ego boosts, one too many, are stationed.
Demanding lesser burning action.
Holding a fallacious potential as the sole beacon.

On both extremes of the x- axis:
Lie aimed actions, ironically aimless.
Compulsion- the ticking clock represents.
A seemingly full schedule is a mere pretense,
To cloak the lack of perspective,
That cannot be shunned when passive.