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तुम्हारी मेरी कहानी

September 26, 2010


Ok, so this is my first attempt at writing hindi in a long long time. So overlook any grammatical errors, assuming you get past how amateurish the poem is! कठोर मतलबी दुनिया से कहीं दूर, अपने मतलब की भूल भुलैया में, भूल गए हैं मतलब की हेसियत. खोकली ख़ुशी की खातिर, कितनो और को कुचला […]

Up In Smoke!!

September 24, 2010


Disclaimer: Contents not drawn from personal experience 😛 I sit up thinking, As the smoke I lit masks The haziness of my vision, If the life I lead, is of my own taste. I sit up wondering, As vivid memories of days long gone Condense into perfect circular puffs, If the place I am at, […]

Talking in Circles.

September 21, 2010


I don’t want to look back anymore Speculating if they would have taken me downhill or o’er. Those prophesies eating into my present like vermin, About the roads not taken Greed will inevitably stop strangling My present, regret will stop groping, Because, the map on my palm might be constant But that what I am […]

Philosophy with Tea!

September 13, 2010


I like my tea with sugar. It could do anything, but make my life any blander. It liberates my thoughts, Akin to free floating froth. Drinking in the nook of a busy street, Isn’t this picture perfect? Just so complete? My mind awakens, with each sip of sensation, Meandering like the waters beneath the very […]


September 5, 2010


I pretend to be strong I pretend not to have faith Not because I won’t be disappointed Not because I fail to see another choice, but Because I do not want to look past my choice Because I chose it despite this wait. I can see darkness enveloping today I shudder inside this all consuming […]

A Waking Life.

September 2, 2010


Such emotional wrecks we are Our actions blinded by an indelible scar That heightens our sensitivity over the years Making us hold back. Anything to block those jeers Concluding at the stage of guilt, Oh yes, how the suspense is built! Of whether the pieces will fit together, Of which emotion will be, of our […]

An ode to self.

September 1, 2010


I seek no more. Greed’s stopped pounding. Aspirations are no more blinding. It’s a full stop. To all things sought for. Feet are set firmly on this floor. Such is my emotion- drained. No longer pleasing, what I have attained. An eerie equanimity has set in, Not even a shadow of the passion, once been, […]