Posted on 05/09/2010


I pretend to be strong
I pretend not to have faith
Not because I won’t be disappointed
Not because I fail to see another choice, but
Because I do not want to look past my choice
Because I chose it despite this wait.

I can see darkness enveloping today
I shudder inside this all consuming cocoon
Even as you choose a colorful path
Even as you forget the colors we splashed
With such ease you erase the memories
With equal assurance of fresh ones.

I would give up anything
I would live on these colors forever
Expecting even darker hues
Expecting equally brighter ones
As this very faith backs my dreams
As this very strength emboldens my dreams

This contradiction doesn’t lie within me
This paradox isn’t meant to be resolved
Supposing when you yearn for the path you shunned
Supposing till then I’ll understand the worth of the other path
I guess forever isn’t something you do
I guess the choice is solely mine after all.