Philosophy with Tea!

Posted on 13/09/2010


I like my tea with sugar.
It could do anything, but make my life any blander.
It liberates my thoughts,
Akin to free floating froth.

Drinking in the nook of a busy street,
Isn’t this picture perfect? Just so complete?
My mind awakens, with each sip of sensation,
Meandering like the waters beneath the very bridge of Brooklyn.

Oh! The scintillating aroma,
Detaching me from all that mundane drama.
Those leaves fresh from the hills!
Such overflowing joy it gives, to see the tea spill,

Beyond the boundaries of my safe cup,
I couldn’t be less bothered with any clean up,
Before the cup’s half empty.
After that, it’s time to get back to life- my bitter sweet coffee…

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