Talking in Circles.

Posted on 21/09/2010


I don’t want to look back anymore
Speculating if they would have taken me downhill or o’er.
Those prophesies eating into my present like vermin,
About the roads not taken
Greed will inevitably stop strangling
My present, regret will stop groping,
Because, the map on my palm might be constant
But that what I am tracing is yet nascent

I don’t want to fast forward my present

By steering clear of any value-judgment

About my perceptions of- myself, you, and yours of mine,

As pieces of life’s rational choices do mystically align

To a present even sweeter than dreams

Let’s not get stuck in our desires, or in a rut of regimes,

Me and you-my conscience,

Let’s not seek, but through actions, befriend the cogent.

‘Nuff said!

Deep inside this quicksand, I have already faltered
This faith in mysticism, is itself is a speculation

Too deep rooted in our passion

For those very dreams you ask me to shun.

This tussle between the tenses we live in won’t be done,

For those very perceptions you speak of are drowning in judgments.

Amidst this uncertainty, all we can do is see a sadistic brilliance.

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