Nights && Sidewalks

Posted on 02/10/2010


For my 25th blog post, I thought I should plan and come up with something epic. But fortunately, an evening waltzing with superficiality was enough to drill some sense into me. So, this post is anything but an attempt to try and impress you.

Under my cloak, I feel less secure,

As it conceals, what is my bread and butter.

I strut in my black heels, after hours,

Not owning the city, but facing up to those who claim to.

At least being more productive and novel,

Than you self confessed intellectuals.

My parties are a celebration of being, not of ego,

Of the domino effects of ideas, unlike your cocktail parties.

How do you even confess to judging me?

When such audacity is gained through truth,

A search you mankind have long abandoned.