Rooted to Reality..

Posted on 04/11/2010


So, here I am! It’s been a while since my last post, and it feels great to write again! It wasn’t an intentional sabbatical, or a writer’s block, but lack of a topic to write on.

Anyway, this post’s quite different from the rest. It might seem too girlie or emotional, for some of you, and rightly so, but I realized I’m going to be even more awkward posting stuff like this after i exit my teens!! So here it goes..

Oh, and do give me any topics you think I could write on next!

I waited here, a hopeless romantic,
To picture in one of those fairytales- classic
Waited for everything to align,
Dreaming tonight, tomorrow you’ll be mine.

Sweep me off my feet,
Make me feel again, not mouth words incomplete.
For now though, uncomfortable in my own presence,
I’ve ventured too far, alone.

This seemingly thick skin, wasn’t all that comforting,
For a heart that’s not seeing beyond, what’s still aching
But, what’s so painful, to not even feel?
What’s so beautiful, to remain surreal?

Love was mistaken for radical solutions,
Instead of being a discovery of self, the merger of two ever widening horizons.
With my new found outlook, more alive, less blotchy,
From now on I dream closer to reality.

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