Posted on 06/11/2010


It turns out that helping is the main thing. If you feel that you have a use, if you think your writing furthers life or truth in some way, then you keep writing. But if that feeling stops, you have to find something else to do. Or die, I guess. Or mow the lawn, or go somewhere and do something, like visit a historical house, or clean up a room, or teach people something that you think is worth knowing.”

–          Nicholson Baker (The Anthologist)

Disclaimer: This post’s more of a revelation, than my usual musings.

The above lines struck a chord with me and here’s how. Till now, I don’t think any of my writings have made any value addition, in terms of practical solutions etc. The most I’ve achieved is bringing questions that have plagued me at some point of time, some even momentarily, to the fore. Queries which aren’t new even by a long shot. This is honestly, the reason why I haven’t written in a while. Not that I am reaching a stagnant state, but because my poems are turning out to be more about the ‘form’, rather than the ‘substance’. This is also the reason, why I turned to poetry in the first place. Poetry gives one a lot of leeway to deviate from getting to the crux of the matter, to deviate from coherence, under the garb of poetic license. I was going through the blog, and the only pieces I found novel and bold in the true sense, was “The Pain of Realization”, “Sliding Spaces”. The point of this blog, of course, is not to come up solutions that have radical ramifications, but at least not to be repetitive, melancholic or too personal, and definitely not to write because it seems like a compulsion. So, until I come up with something even remotely innovative, I’m going to refrain myself from blogging. So, until creativity beckons,


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