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December 25, 2010


Through these glasses, It’s been a tumultuous journey, Discovering and unlearning, Unwritten woes, of what is. Through these glasses, The haze faded away, Revealing a never ending saga, of the end of an opinion, about what is. Through these glasses, Shapes merged in a heady mixture, Soaring before plunging spirits, Injecting life, in what is. […]

It’s Snowing Change!!

December 23, 2010


DISCLAIMER: This is not so much about the poetry (evidently!), as it is about the thought! An oracle foresees this Christmas: Gifts are wrapped in paper! An ‘Eco friendly’ build up To curtains drawn, On a 365 page long chapter. Behold! Brownie points from Earth! Yet, amidst the melting Arctic, It’s hitherto a mere dollop! […]


December 17, 2010


A childhood friend, by the name of eternity disappeared, when in that dark alley, death untimely, on time, appeared. The naivety was aided, by held hands, by scented flowers, picked. But when eternity’s white flag waved so close, the bucket stood kicked. As memories etched, never stumbled, unexpectedly coloring choices. With the cheer, the scent […]

Current Affairs!

December 10, 2010


All the hypocrisy showcased In an oh so public forum That the fourth estate just shielded As a nuanced shift in conscience Over a billion hopes Skyrocketing as high as Antilia Minus the self indulgence, tightropes, Of one’s controversy ka quota Many skeletons came tumbling down, Many more to go, As we all lobby our […]