It’s Snowing Change!!

Posted on 23/12/2010


DISCLAIMER: This is not so much about the poetry (evidently!), as it is about the thought!

An oracle foresees this Christmas:
Gifts are wrapped in paper!
An ‘Eco friendly’ build up
To curtains drawn,
On a 365 page long chapter.

Brownie points from Earth!
Yet, amidst the melting Arctic,
It’s hitherto a mere dollop!

The reindeer this time lug,
The mystic Oracle
Such weight, such show, “Bah Humbug!”

Sighs the exquiste deer!
Look! Innovations’ reaching out,
Thanks to creativity,
Besides turning parents cashiers!

Eyes of the Oracle glisten,
Beyond billion hopes, reflecting,
The seemingly distinct paths
of over six billion lives,now woven..

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