A lot can happen over coffee!

Posted on 22/01/2011


This post has snippets from conversations, in random scenarios, between guys and girls. If there are more than 5 you can identify with, it’s time to get worried!

P.S. I’ll be putting up a couple everyday.. Keep Reading!

Scene: Restaurant; Comfort Level: First date.

Girl: I like the ambience in the place. Not too noisy, not too quiet.
Guy: Yea, but the prices are way too steep, and the crowd is too snobbish for my taste.
Girl: Well, then why did you pick this place?
Guy: A first date needs to be decent, even if it means a hiatus from my daily quota of Bournville for the next one month.
Girl: Are you suggesting I split the bill with you, or do you just want me to pretend to sympathize?
Guy: Either would do. First one you’ll do grudgingly, second too naturally. Just go with the flow, I think.
Girl: Poor you! This place IS going to burn a hole in your pocket!
Guy: Thanks. Don’t you just love the way sarcasm shooed away the awkwardness between us?
Girl: You know what? If I don’t walk out till the end of this date, I’ll treat you to a Bournville for dessert!

Scene: Concert; Comfort Level: Head banging crowd.

Guy:  La, Laaa, la!
Girl: La, la , la! OMG I LOVE this band!
Guy: Hey! You are a fan too? You won’t believe how many days I’ve lived on this music!
Girl: Urm..Nothing special about that! There are 100 more people around us who are fans!
Guy: Musical wavelengths are hard to match, you know? *winks*
Girl: There could have been a remote possibility of me considering you, if you hadn’t been the ONLY guy in this crowd of 100+ girls! *head bangs on his spine* La la laaaa!

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