Packed bags.

Posted on 30/03/2011


This poem’s been written for Poetry Potluck by Jingle Poetry. This Monday’s topic was ” Trips, Travel and Vacation.”

I packed my bags one day
To live in the places that
Words were narrating. That
My eyes would be witnessing,
Coloring the sketches
Uncolored by words,
Blurring live moments
Too polished by words.

I packed my bags one day
To escape dissatisfaction.
Unconscious of the coarseness
That awaited me
On the other side of the grass.
To cherish those moments
Of solitude I once found
Before I packed them.

I packed my bags one day
To overstep boundaries
Defined by maps,
By culture, by lifestyles.
Looking to turn a leaf
Ever so inconspicuously.
Realizing after years of travelling
That the fork in the road
Both lead to the same values.