A Naive(?) Take on Naivety

Posted on 03/04/2011


It is naivety
To assume all eyes
See things as they are
It is naivety
To assume all men
Are moved equally by reality
It is naivety
To hope our good is considered
When choices are made
It is naivety
To believe an act of affection
Will have a domino effect
It is naivety
To wish this naivety away
That’s so inherent in oneself
It is naivety
To foresee it freezing
Due to this concurring apathy
It is indeed naivety
To believe that life leans
Towards those who aren’t naïve.

*Because of the sensitive subject matter of this post, I thought it best not to make it poetic. Poetry to me most often than not, dramatizes or romanticizes even pain.

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