Posted on 08/04/2011


Scene I- The curtains opened..
She strolled
With the ease of a cloud
Playing a character
Until her piece, unsold

Scene II:
Praise showered
On her like dew drops
That even the impassive
Girl she was, savored.

The curtains closed..
After the curtains shut:
She blacked out into a trance
Burying her naivety,
Into a self made casket.
When did the on stage guise
Slip in its self off stage?
The instance doubt
Slid into her self

Scene III
She froze on stage
After curtains opened again
Losing her guise momentarily
Sweating, searching, all in gauge
Of a silent audience, readily
Willing to strip her,
Of all the adulation and
Send their heroine into a dark alley
She blinked and travelled
From the limelight to a black
And back, continuing to search
For the guise she once called
Her self.

This poem’s been written for Poets Rally Week 41.