The Death of Words

Posted on 17/04/2011


He caught her
Just fallen, but braver
Just a casual phone call,
Turned dusk to nightfall,
The pace of conversation,
Switching seamlessly,
From intense to airy,
From slow to fast,
Such a contrast
The two posed so candidly
Their alter egos would agree
The call was anything but blurry
Each hung on every word
Every breathe. Pictured
Colorful pictures that did unfold
So evidently, from words untold
Sensing each string of conversation
So soft, so engulfing, like linen
Capable of crushing
Distance these two never felt lying
That infinite distance
Between souls even very close
Not defying the physic s of time,
It was just a night, seeming a lifetime
Their lifetime was that very moment in time,
When the  two souls felt so joint
That distance vanished and words kept dying

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