Posted on 15/08/2012


Fifty five. India’s rank at the Olympics. The medal winners have already been juxtaposed against this relatively dismal overall rank. A lot has been spoken about the lack of encouragement and help given to sportspersons in India. A lot has been written about the apology offered by Mary Kom. A lot of apologies have flooded back to her. Who could say we lack emotion? While the middle class aggressively  educate their children, while businessmen aggressively diversify their brands, while civil servants try to serve against growing tides of resentment, while the poor strive to live, while philanthropists inject their hard earned money, who could say we lack dedication? A lot has been spoken about snags in national defence, a snail paced judiciary, inefficient administrators, even as a seemingly limitless red tape weaves its way amongst all of this. Yet, who is to say we lack hope and an intention to change? As the wind tugs at the flag today, who dare say we lack pride?

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