August 8, 2011


Like Old scents, Some feelings Don’t completely fade, Like Crushed leaves, Some memories live Vividly between read pages, Like Familiar tunes, Words strung in melody Make one feel at ease with oneself, Like An addiction, Reading stories of courage Wake people up, by soothing their own pain. Advertisements

Story of Masks.

July 18, 2011


  Masking pretence, layer after layer, Black unto white unto black, Blending into grays’ Fooling people Except the person in the mirror Who, naked and vulnerable Kneels in a humble prayer, Who, Washes off all black masks Replaced by priorities which matter Honoring that very black mask Which, led to a white, now More appreciated, […]

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Moist eyes

June 17, 2011


Its pouring tonight, long after my feelings had dried up, shriveled, until you showed, sparking lights, I’d dimmed, in tribute of every fraction of mine, that  died, in those hurt filled days Moist eyes, a silent farewell hushed under covers, today, mouth our unspoken stance. *This verse has been linked to Poets Rally Week 46 […]

Epic Magpie.

June 11, 2011


Bloodshot nerves, stick out of my deafening white, crying without liquid reserves, silently howling like a knight, all craving your attention, a flutter of approval,  With my retina for a bowman, I shoot looks met with, you’re indifference so cruel,  But I’m still dreaming,   visioning a reality more fancied.  (This poem’s been written for Magpie […]

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Frozen for Good.

June 3, 2011


Safely, Inside the locks of iced memory, lie the keys, To a space of my soul- Unraveled, ever so delicately, once upon a time, by you; To promises- Though vague, their breach long frozen into pain; To calm, A sense slipping restlessly from my palms, like water; To curiosity, About answers, to questions, you uninterestedly […]


May 30, 2011


Like a star possessed By its own radiance, She lit candles Possessed by fear, Of yet another scar, Seating deep within Its superficiality, A lack of self worth. Like the Sun Burning in its own self, She spent every lone moment Poisoning slowly her soul, Shredded in insecurities, Joint only to fight Another layer of […]

Le Rein.

May 26, 2011


When Debussy was seeming to get nowhere with an opera he was composing, he put it this way: “I spent my days perusing the nothingness- le rein- it creates” A moment of vulnerability So candidly we shared It steered us boldly Into an oblivion So akin to Heaven. Then, Solo I free fell Into a […]