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April 11, 2011


An attempt at another form of poetry, which I saw in Vinay’s blog. Hope I’ve done some justice to it!   I’ve Swung Between Restlessness And patience till now. A perennial headache this swing. Of a pendulum Whose pace I Ought to Dic- Tate.   An Irony Of sorts. To not wait at, but Walk […]


April 10, 2011


These are three different Gogyohka, written on three different topics. This is my first attempt at writing any strict form of poetry. Hope you guys enjoy it. {On dreams not materializing} I held her steadily Hoping to see Her colors fly Not knowing She’d fade before her flight. {On poverty and hunger} It’s always a […]


September 5, 2010


I pretend to be strong I pretend not to have faith Not because I won’t be disappointed Not because I fail to see another choice, but Because I do not want to look past my choice Because I chose it despite this wait. I can see darkness enveloping today I shudder inside this all consuming […]


August 1, 2010


She’s standing at the edge of the cliff, caught between the known and the unknown. Ironically, the known seems less familiar, more daunting. Her reflection less blurry, even amongst the ripples, than her past. Moments are crystal clear, but the reasons behind them are tangled. Tangled in a lattice of guilt, ridiculous desires, doubts, pain, […]