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Moist eyes

June 17, 2011


Its pouring tonight, long after my feelings had dried up, shriveled, until you showed, sparking lights, I’d dimmed, in tribute of every fraction of mine, that  died, in those hurt filled days Moist eyes, a silent farewell hushed under covers, today, mouth our unspoken stance. *This verse has been linked to Poets Rally Week 46 […]

Morning blues [The Perfect Poet Award of week 40]

March 24, 2011


Thank you for The Perfect Poet Award of week 40 { I’d like to nominate 43spiders} Here’s my entry: How a bridge Caved in. Inundated By yearning Into craze translated I turned, Witness to the opening Of your lashes, Still partially dreaming, Yet lucidly viewing Our waltz As the willful steps At which your mind […]

Memory Lane..

March 17, 2011


[How does it feel to go through your past? Do you emerge discontented, or forgiving?] A tint of maroon Allures his frail figure Towards broken glass strewn Casually. Today blunter. Each piece fancied In his black panorama, To play the impassive lead. His choices sketched into a genre. He bent, disoriented, Setting his eyes On […]


February 26, 2011


Sanity’s too steep A price to pay For a poet. For a life That’s unraveling Right this minute, Like pencil shavings Winding as vigorously As she’d please, For rains serenading A desert, For autumn leaves Turning yellow From crimson. To a spring so violet, To this medley Of seasons, She’d raise a toast. Her lips […]

New Avatar.

February 4, 2011


In the midst of a multitude of emotions, or in the stillness of none, the impulse to move forward is almost wild: In active trance Seeing the ghosts of pasts, swirling, Intimidating dreams so livid, Bloke upturns sands of time, Clobbering the skeletons. Disillusioned by one’s own judgment about things, the only sentiment one trusts […]


January 23, 2011


The more I’ve attempted to diversify my writing, the more I’ve realized how much poetry pulls itself towards me. This poem is set on a snowy locale, delving into the thoughts of a person whose self worth is dying, through the course of a fateful evening and night. Eventually he commits suicide, but feels like […]

Up In Smoke!!

September 24, 2010


Disclaimer: Contents not drawn from personal experience 😛 I sit up thinking, As the smoke I lit masks The haziness of my vision, If the life I lead, is of my own taste. I sit up wondering, As vivid memories of days long gone Condense into perfect circular puffs, If the place I am at, […]