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Moist eyes

June 17, 2011


Its pouring tonight, long after my feelings had dried up, shriveled, until you showed, sparking lights, I’d dimmed, in tribute of every fraction of mine, that  died, in those hurt filled days Moist eyes, a silent farewell hushed under covers, today, mouth our unspoken stance. *This verse has been linked to Poets Rally Week 46 […]

Emptied Wine

April 11, 2011


This poem’s been written for Magpie Tales. They sat there all evening, Late unto next morning, Wanting to numb any sensation, Wander off, for all they care, to Brooklyn, Intending to drink until they visualize, The union of their two lives, Bright, like these cascading lights, Like this jazz, when its tune nose dives, The […]

The waltz of a lifetime.

April 1, 2011


Who’s the thief?

March 23, 2011


The stench of selfishness barged in the refuge I sought in your arms, Did I not steal your heart? A swarm of lies Dashed in Our dreamy trance, Did I not steal your reality? An alter ego Slid like a thief from your ostensible self, Did I not steal your shadow? A disturbing apathy Kept […]

Failed Love..

February 5, 2011


Love waltzed in, in a meeting, Air became fresher, Potential suddenly abler, Life seemed to be humming, Lyrical as Beethoven, A fluidity. Suspended by the lack, Of empathy, in this bed of lilac, Oh where was the pent up gumption? A dot seemed that boundary, That which defined her stance, In a vivacious timeless dance. […]


January 30, 2011


Swirling in each other’s thoughts, Each movement, a new blot, Etched. A tingling, Ethereal, yet organic, opening, Facets of an entity, now collaborating, With intellect, spirit. Soaring and inventing. If individualism’s not lost, This symbiotic art stands carved in frost.

Love, bashed.

October 9, 2010


How well reason is obscured In a concocted concept called love So overwhelming is the urge to get reassured This farce doesn’t even need to be shoved You and I are readily lead to many a dead end So bloody overrated is that word “depend” Idealism still trumps reality Strings we still attach to a […]