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Memory Lane..

March 17, 2011


[How does it feel to go through your past? Do you emerge discontented, or forgiving?] A tint of maroon Allures his frail figure Towards broken glass strewn Casually. Today blunter. Each piece fancied In his black panorama, To play the impassive lead. His choices sketched into a genre. He bent, disoriented, Setting his eyes On […]


December 17, 2010


A childhood friend, by the name of eternity disappeared, when in that dark alley, death untimely, on time, appeared. The naivety was aided, by held hands, by scented flowers, picked. But when eternity’s white flag waved so close, the bucket stood kicked. As memories etched, never stumbled, unexpectedly coloring choices. With the cheer, the scent […]

Up In Smoke!!

September 24, 2010


Disclaimer: Contents not drawn from personal experience 😛 I sit up thinking, As the smoke I lit masks The haziness of my vision, If the life I lead, is of my own taste. I sit up wondering, As vivid memories of days long gone Condense into perfect circular puffs, If the place I am at, […]


August 13, 2010


Lying across the floor, like shattered glass, Our memories, we can piece it all together, alas! Those times we were laid back, Dreaming together, fearlessly, selves on track, Those moments of unadulterated joy, and comfort, Of carving ourselves, of learning that still stands us in good stead, In togetherness we discovered, in togetherness we split, […]

It is what it is.

August 1, 2010


You say things you don’t mean to, You convey feelings you don’t feel, Because you cannot bear to see the pain in his face, Because you don’t want him to change, From the person etched in your memories, From the one who lured you. Yet you have to accept the reality, Yet you must feel […]