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Bodhi Tree.

August 7, 2010


Do you feel plagued by a restless, insufferable pain? a paradoxical numbness, save this outcry? Do you seldom abstain From temptations, to detach? You are not alone, mon frère, But to find the elusive equanimity, It’s high time I took your leave, For a lifelong tutelage, under that bodhi tree, Learning to treat joy and […]


August 3, 2010


I want to be detached, absolutely Move ahead of myself, fiercely No glass of perceptions, shattering No judgmental remarks, stinging Discount pre-conceived notions, breeding A spirited belief in potential, unyielding No need for isolation, stifling Yet at ease with myself, calming A containment of pain, resurfacing A balance in opinions, unbiased A surge for innovation, […]

It is what it is.

August 1, 2010


You say things you don’t mean to, You convey feelings you don’t feel, Because you cannot bear to see the pain in his face, Because you don’t want him to change, From the person etched in your memories, From the one who lured you. Yet you have to accept the reality, Yet you must feel […]

The pain of realisation

July 29, 2010


You know when the pain grips you. Realization is a tricky phenomenon. It may seem like it has dawned on you. In all probability it will grip you several times over a long drawn period, maybe because you are forcing it to. It misleads you momentarily, until your experience enters the scene, warning you- this […]

Trust Deficit.

July 29, 2010


As the reason behind your trust is demolished, pain becomes overwhelming. In the race between this truth, the basis of your trust, and your trust, hope seems bleak. But, what ther option do we have than to overcome the pain, and start trusting all over again? Trust is everything one has.