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Le Rein.

May 26, 2011


When Debussy was seeming to get nowhere with an opera he was composing, he put it this way: “I spent my days perusing the nothingness- le rein- it creates” A moment of vulnerability So candidly we shared It steered us boldly Into an oblivion So akin to Heaven. Then, Solo I free fell Into a […]

Memory Lane..

March 17, 2011


[How does it feel to go through your past? Do you emerge discontented, or forgiving?] A tint of maroon Allures his frail figure Towards broken glass strewn Casually. Today blunter. Each piece fancied In his black panorama, To play the impassive lead. His choices sketched into a genre. He bent, disoriented, Setting his eyes On […]


March 15, 2011


A small fish Circling in circles Pretends to be afloat Fighting little battles, Holding onto what’s Insignificantly dear Lest they drown In his pond of fear If he’d Only swim harder He’d witness A tsunami, much crueler What he’d also discover Of like fish, a school All in the same sea, Of empathy, a cesspool

Me and my shadows.

February 21, 2011


The fire in her Is doused Only by written words In the backdrop, An off focus desire, A misplaced hourglass In her yogic stance Lies more Than just stamina, A divine energy To willingly obey, A composure, soothing, The scars of apprehension Clasping both their hands, Secretly slipping keys Of their rooms, As they stood […]


February 14, 2011


This poem’s about a man, so involved in showing to the world what he is all about, he loses himself at some point. With neither a lived life, nor the societal acceptance he had craved for all his life, he loses all hope… Dozing off in his armchair He wallowed in voices Awakened by the […]


February 13, 2011


How, being warped in time, travelling, not moving, left a soul frozen, in guilt, not time. How, plummeting in slow motion, felt motionless, as did, seeing the very last card, from a pack, crumbling. How, the once open field, needing no door, closed in questioning the entry through one. How, an unlettered vocabulary, of intentions […]

New Avatar.

February 4, 2011


In the midst of a multitude of emotions, or in the stillness of none, the impulse to move forward is almost wild: In active trance Seeing the ghosts of pasts, swirling, Intimidating dreams so livid, Bloke upturns sands of time, Clobbering the skeletons. Disillusioned by one’s own judgment about things, the only sentiment one trusts […]