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A Graph.

August 23, 2010


Jiving jumbled thoughts Showcasing many a future in snapshots In an idle mind, they swerve Variety versus free time: a bell curve. At midpoint, ideas pump up adrenaline Pressure builds, at either extreme, much to our chagrin! At the curve’s apex: Complacence- the dying clock reflects. Under the garb of contemplation, Ego boosts, one too […]


August 21, 2010


Too black for optimists, too white for pessimists. My outlook. Falters, and re surges rejuvenated, Enticed by the middle path of Buddhists. Still, amidst the bedlam, looks blotted. Lured by the idea of uniqueness, like this very poem, Lead by external reassurance. A paradox, threatening a perfect theorem, Rooted in the infallibility of society’s presence. […]