Posted on 08/09/2011


Usually, I read in spurts, fall in love with a book, and then take a long hiatus from reading. Just like that. See, reading for pleasure, is totally dependent on my state of mind. Daily life somehow hides this carefree/peaceful state of mind. I’ve been meaning to write about Murakami for a while. I’ve read just about 3 books of his, 3 months back, still his words keep lingering. Even if his plot was tiresome at times, his effortless mix of reality, philosophy and emotions, kept me from putting down his books.  Almost all the situations in his books, I cannot identify with, but the way in which his characters react and feel, are eerily relatable. The fact that he shows each character in multiple shades makes one feel at home with at least one of them. Most of us, me specially, sometimes face problems putting across our true thoughts for whatever reason- insecurity, fear, reputation etc.  But, his description of a wide range of emotions, made me wonder if I have ever communicated effectively at all. In his writing, he does not even try to run away from melancholy, without sugar coating it.  Mostly, I won’t end up reading him again, but what I’ve read and the perceptions of different people I’ve gathered from him, I am grateful for.  I’ll leave you with a few archetypal Murakami quotes. They might linger on.

“Remove everything pointless from an imperfect life and it’d lose even its imperfection.”

“But didn’t you say you were satisfied with your life?”
“Word games,” I dismissed. “Every army needs a flag.” 

“If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.”

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