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A Waking Life.

September 2, 2010


Such emotional wrecks we are Our actions blinded by an indelible scar That heightens our sensitivity over the years Making us hold back. Anything to block those jeers Concluding at the stage of guilt, Oh yes, how the suspense is built! Of whether the pieces will fit together, Of which emotion will be, of our […]

An ode to self.

September 1, 2010


I seek no more. Greed’s stopped pounding. Aspirations are no more blinding. It’s a full stop. To all things sought for. Feet are set firmly on this floor. Such is my emotion- drained. No longer pleasing, what I have attained. An eerie equanimity has set in, Not even a shadow of the passion, once been, […]

A Graph.

August 23, 2010


Jiving jumbled thoughts Showcasing many a future in snapshots In an idle mind, they swerve Variety versus free time: a bell curve. At midpoint, ideas pump up adrenaline Pressure builds, at either extreme, much to our chagrin! At the curve’s apex: Complacence- the dying clock reflects. Under the garb of contemplation, Ego boosts, one too […]


July 29, 2010


It’s true that some songs don’t just touch you These ones end up revealing you to you Surfacing emotions waiting to overflow Consciously hidden deep, stinging sorrow Isn’t this girl braver than you? Shedding her layers With her conscience as her sole anchor What could be more alive than this truth? No excuses, no lies, […]