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Moist eyes

June 17, 2011


Its pouring tonight, long after my feelings had dried up, shriveled, until you showed, sparking lights, I’d dimmed, in tribute of every fraction of mine, that  died, in those hurt filled days Moist eyes, a silent farewell hushed under covers, today, mouth our unspoken stance. *This verse has been linked to Poets Rally Week 46 […]

Le Rein.

May 26, 2011


When Debussy was seeming to get nowhere with an opera he was composing, he put it this way: “I spent my days perusing the nothingness- le rein- it creates” A moment of vulnerability So candidly we shared It steered us boldly Into an oblivion So akin to Heaven. Then, Solo I free fell Into a […]

A talk with Diners.

May 23, 2011


Eh eclectic ensemble                      Eh player!                                         Eh soothsayer! Of five!                                                  Playing to soothe                           […]

Peace of Mind.

April 13, 2011


It’s so much more, Than just getting over, Moving on, from a string Of irritant instances. It’s come now to begging- For peace of mind. It’s so much lesser, Than giving to those prouder The benefit of doubt, Absorbing silently the stings without Adjudging them as illusionary friends, For peace of mind It’s so much […]

Emptied Wine

April 11, 2011


This poem’s been written for Magpie Tales. They sat there all evening, Late unto next morning, Wanting to numb any sensation, Wander off, for all they care, to Brooklyn, Intending to drink until they visualize, The union of their two lives, Bright, like these cascading lights, Like this jazz, when its tune nose dives, The […]


April 11, 2011


An attempt at another form of poetry, which I saw in Vinay’s blog. Hope I’ve done some justice to it!   I’ve Swung Between Restlessness And patience till now. A perennial headache this swing. Of a pendulum Whose pace I Ought to Dic- Tate.   An Irony Of sorts. To not wait at, but Walk […]


April 10, 2011


These are three different Gogyohka, written on three different topics. This is my first attempt at writing any strict form of poetry. Hope you guys enjoy it. {On dreams not materializing} I held her steadily Hoping to see Her colors fly Not knowing She’d fade before her flight. {On poverty and hunger} It’s always a […]