About This Blog..

Hi reader!

I’m guessing you are either family, or a friend of mine, or you’ve randomly stumbled upon this blog, wondering who the hell must be reading it, besides you and me.

The fact that you are still reading this, proves you ARE family. So, first things first, as you might have guessed, this blog isn’t too much of a sellout, neither am I too much of a self promoter. So what am I doing blogging? I honestly don’t know. I have absolutely no hopes nor secret desires of garnering any fans, yet, apart from venting myself (which is why I have chosen this diary style theme), I am hoping to receive comments, from you, to know your perspective on various things.

On a slightly different note, I saw this movie called “Julie and Julia” a few days back. For those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s basically a movie about how a woman cooks all the recipes of a chef she idolizes. She blogs her way through this task she’s taken up, discovering herself in the process. The realization that I am a hollow creature, thankfully, dawned on me a long while back . Hence,I believe that writing with an ulterior motive of self discovery,as the movie illustrates, is a fruitful activity.

What i am getting at is this- every writing of mine, as amateurish as it might be, does have a piece of me in it. Each post is a thought I’ve elaborated on, seeds of which have inevitably been sown in my head, by some personal experience. Don’t be overtly disappointed though. I’m sensible enough to know that even my family wouldn’t want details of my happening personal life, so this isn’t a diary entry.

So here goes…Oh, and did I mention how much I need to work at selling myself?

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  1. Bharat


    Hearty congratulations on your new blog! Though blogging is nowadays considered by many to be a very common activity and thus not a big deal, I truly believe that there are ample examples of the common man being noticed in the world of internet readers through their blogs.

    Tweets, status msgs and other short forms of expressing ones opinions may have come up recently but blogging definitely has its own charm and it does leave a mark.

    There are people who blog about random incidences in their personal lives, and then there are people who have more specific blogs say on technology or art or cinema and then there are photo blogs and many more of that kind.But, most successful bloggers and by successful i mean the bloggers having a good subscriber base tend to have a theme that appeals a lot to the fellow readers.

    It’s simply awesome that you have started to blog at this exciting phase of your life. Being very young, this could be an ideal platform for you to express yourself and see your ideas evolve as you become more knowledgeable plus it allows you to be receptive to comments like these.

    I am simply ‘Super-Excited’ to be reading your blog.



  2. cr kesavan


    Intriguing & indeed engaging. may your tribe increase.

  3. Well done. Thanks for the intro. Nice to “meet” you. 🙂

  4. glad to meet…

    keep up the excellence.

  5. Reply
    • Thank you soo much Cathy ;)..I’m ecstatic! Its such a cool award!!
      Its tough but I’ll come up with my list of favorite bloggers soon 🙂

  6. Your welcome. You deserve it.

  7. This is great! Congrats on your award, I’m subscribing 🙂


  8. Mahesh


    Hey..nice blog 🙂

  9. Do you have an email? as I’d like some informal advice on composition and getting stuff read and commented on. ta, Pendryw.


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