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Packed bags.

March 30, 2011


This poem’s been written for Poetry Potluck by Jingle Poetry. This Monday’s topic was ” Trips, Travel and Vacation.” I packed my bags one day To live in the places that Words were narrating. That My eyes would be witnessing, Coloring the sketches Uncolored by words, Blurring live moments Too polished by words. I packed […]

A short tale

March 26, 2011


Like a cigarette filter Longing to turn ash, She took the tear, Plunging from her eyelash, As a craving. As the last straw, So profoundly collapsing, Even the tear wouldn’t cry.

Morning blues [The Perfect Poet Award of week 40]

March 24, 2011


Thank you for The Perfect Poet Award of week 40 { I’d like to nominate 43spiders} Here’s my entry: How a bridge Caved in. Inundated By yearning Into craze translated I turned, Witness to the opening Of your lashes, Still partially dreaming, Yet lucidly viewing Our waltz As the willful steps At which your mind […]

Who’s the thief?

March 23, 2011


The stench of selfishness barged in the refuge I sought in your arms, Did I not steal your heart? A swarm of lies Dashed in Our dreamy trance, Did I not steal your reality? An alter ego Slid like a thief from your ostensible self, Did I not steal your shadow? A disturbing apathy Kept […]

Red Devil

March 21, 2011


For the moment My eyelashes waved, In your pupils, I caught, Lies brutally enslaved. Its devil ran, untamed, Dragging a red cloth Across a maze inflamed, Fuelled by unseen wrath. Engulfing itself in disguise, Deep in the azure Of those same eyes, The devil vanished Before my lashes shut close The azure forever blotched Deception […]

Memory Lane..

March 17, 2011


[How does it feel to go through your past? Do you emerge discontented, or forgiving?] A tint of maroon Allures his frail figure Towards broken glass strewn Casually. Today blunter. Each piece fancied In his black panorama, To play the impassive lead. His choices sketched into a genre. He bent, disoriented, Setting his eyes On […]


March 15, 2011


A small fish Circling in circles Pretends to be afloat Fighting little battles, Holding onto what’s Insignificantly dear Lest they drown In his pond of fear If he’d Only swim harder He’d witness A tsunami, much crueler What he’d also discover Of like fish, a school All in the same sea, Of empathy, a cesspool